How to Get a Gun License in Turkey

How to Get a Gun License in Turkey

26 February 2023

Those who, for various reasons, wish to carry weapons in their homes or workplaces, or who are required to carry weapons, are required to obtain a firearms license in accordance with the Blood and Turkish Regulations on Firearms and Knives and Other Tools No. 6136. Possession or carrying an unlicensed weapon is an important crime that requires a prison sentence of 1 to 3 years. All kinds of firearms, pistols, fully automatic weapons or fluted shotguns are subject to license in terms of both possession and transportation.

The application for gun license is made to the governorships in the provinces and to the gendarmerie directorate in the settlements in the gendarmerie regions. According to the relevant Turkish laws and regulations, it is essential to have completed the age of 21 at the time of application. Although there are different requirements for carrying and possession licenses, known as types of gun licenses, these licenses provide different rights to individuals.

The fact that the person has a gun possession license means that the registered gun can be kept at the home or workplace address specified in the license application. It is not possible to take the weapon out of the address or to move it to different addresses. In cases where it is necessary to move to polygons or different areas, the holders of weapons licenses must apply to the governorships and obtain special permission.

Thanks to this permission, it may be possible to carry the licensed weapon to the address specified in the application petition. The bullets or ammunition of the weapon do not need a license. The gun license will also apply to the bullet used. It shall be possible to carry the bullets known to belong to the licensed weapon together with the weapon with special permission.

The license to carry a gun allows the license holder to carry his/her registered gun. In this case, it is possible to carry the weapon with the person or to keep it in the vehicle torpedo. Since the license to carry a weapon will also permit the licensing of the bullets of the relevant weapon, it will be possible to carry an appropriate number of bullets on the weapon or with it. Carrying high-volume bullets is only possible with the permission of the Turkish governor. According to the types of weapons licenses, the number of bullets that can be possessed during the year is determined.

What Are the Documents Required for a Gun License in Turkey?

The application for a gun license to be made to the governorates requires some documents and petitions. During this application, which can only be made by the person over the age of 21; In addition to the application petition to be written to the governor's office and the weapon purchase request form to be filled;

  • Original and copy of identity card Passport
  • Photo taken in the last 6 months
  •  Residence Permit
  • Transcript of Criminal Records
  • A document to be obtained from the tax office stating that there is no tax debt exceeding a certain amount, provided that it has been received within the last 15 days as of the date of application,
  • Health committee report to be obtained from state hospitals is requested.

In addition to these documents, some decisive documents are also required in applications for a gun carrying license. And it is also explained under which conditions and for how long the licenses will be granted and in which cases they may be revoked. It is important that the persons with the professions and situations specified in the regulation submit additional documents indicating their relevant status or professions during the application for gun license. It is important that the persons with the professions and situations specified in the regulation submit additional documents indicating their relevant status or professions during the application for gun license. İt is obligatory to purchase weapons within one year as of the date of obtaining the license and to operate the license within 60 days at the latest as of the date of receipt. Since the validity period of the gun license is 5 years unless otherwise stated, the gun license renewal process must be carried out every 5 years.

Who is not granted a gun license in Turkey?

Persons who cannot be granted weapons licenses are clearly identified in the relevant regulations. It is not legally possible to issue a gun license under the age of 21. There are a number of special conditions for obtaining a gun license, except that the person must be over the age of 21 according to Turkish law.

In general; Persons convicted of crimes committed with firearms Persons who have already committed a crime with a licensed gun or who have committed a crime with a licensed gun by others as a result of their own negligence, Persons sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year, except for negligent offences, Persons who are involved in crimes listed in the regulation, including bribery, theft, embezzlement, counterfeiting or fraud, all kinds of smuggling, Persons convicted of crimes committed against the integrity and security of the state, as a result of crimes committed against the constitutional order, its functioning and the integrity of the state borders or due to terrorist acts, Persons who illegally hold a gun despite the disappearance of the reason for the license and do not report this situation to the relevant authorities as of the date of disappearance, Turkish armed forces personnel whose ranks have been restored, Public bans and restricted ones, People with psychological, neurological or some physical disorders due to suicidal tendencies cannot obtain a gun license.

What Are the Weapons Requiring Licenses in Turkey?

According to Turkish law, Regulation No. 2735 on firearms and knives and other tools defines the types of weapons that require a license. Firearms that require a license according to the relevant regulation;

  • Pistol,
  • For Fully Automatic Weapons,
  • It is designated as a fluted shotgun.

Although different types of licenses are required in practice for different types of weapons, the application for gun licenses for all firearms will include similar stages. If the conditions for obtaining a weapon license specified in the relevant regulation are met, an application for a weapon license can be made.