What is the Polygon Age Limit in Turkey?

What is the Polygon Age Limit in Turkey?

26 February 2023

The polygon age limit is extremely important for the safe and healthy use of shooting polygons. The polygons, which are licensed by the Ministry of Interior, serve with their own special weapons and bullets. All these firearms can be used by polygon visitors over the age of 18. Although gun licenses are not required for the use of the polygon, individuals can use their own licensed weapons and bullets by declaring their licenses if they want. 

Can an 18-year-old shoot in a shooting range in Turkey? 

The age limit for polygon use is 18. However, it is possible for children under the age of 18 to use polygons with their parents. Although there is no specific lower limit in the Turkish law, in practice, children over the age of 13 or 15 can be accepted by polygons, provided that they are with their parents. Under the age of 18, he can't shoot alone in the range. 

What do you need to go to the shooting range in Turkey?

In the shooting range, there are different types of weapons in which different millimeters of bullets can be used and suitable bullets. In addition, the protective equipment required by Turkish law is also provided by the polygon. Depending on the density, reservations may be required for the use of the polygon. People who want to use a polygon do not have to have a gun license. People over the age of 18 can use a polygon. Parental supervision is required for children under the age of 18.

Persons are required to enter the range with valid identification documents.It is also problematic for people who want to use their own licensed guns in the shooting range to declare a gun license in addition to the identity document. While the transportation license alone is sufficient, persons holding a gun license are also required to declare the special permission documents they will receive from the relevant authorities for the date of their visit to the relevant polygon address.

The polygon address on the permit must be correct and complete and must be issued for the date of visit. People who want to shoot with their own licensed gun in the shooting range can be provided with bullets, provided that all of them are used in the range upon their request. Licensed gun owners can also use the bullets they bring with them in the shooting range. There is no need for a different license for the bullet, and a gun license statement will be sufficient. It is not possible to shoot in the shooting range with an unlicensed gun.