Technical Specifications

Band MKA
Model 556
Caliber 5,56x45mm (.223 Rem)
Total  Length With Stock 870mm for 18,11" Barrel
Total Length (Stock Extended) 960mm for 18,11" Barrel
Height 230mm
Weight (Without Magazine) 3250gr for 18,11" Barrel
Barrel Length 10,30" beetwen 22,00"
Barrel Groove Set Number 6 pcs right-loop groove-set
Barrel  Life (Not Forged Barrel) 10.000 rounds minimum
Muzzle Break A2 Type or A2 interface with 3 prongs
Working Principal Direct impingement
Type Of Fire Safety, Semi Automatic
Sight Range 300mm
Magazine Type STANAG box type composite or aluminum
Magazine Capacity

30 Rd

Trigger Pull Force 25 – 45 N
Rate Of Fire 750 -950 rpm
Muzzle Velocity 880 m/s
Effective Range 500m
Covering Anodized